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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Gippsland, Victoria

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Gippsland is a large rural region in Victoria, Australia. It begins immediately east of the suburbs of Melbourne and stretches to the New South Wales border, lying between the Great Dividing Range to the north and Bass Strait to the south. The region is best known for its primary production such as mining, power generation and farming as well as its tourist destinations—Phillip Island, Wilsons Promontory, the Gippsland Lakes, Walhalla, the Baw Baw Plateau, the Strzelecki Ranges and the Gourmet Deli Region. Originally inhabited by the Gunai and Bunurong Aboriginal peoples, Samuel Anderson [1]a Scottish immigrant established the third permanent settlement in Victoria at Bass in 1835. European settlement began after two separate expeditions to the area. Angus McMillan led the first European expedition through the area between 1839 and 1840, naming the area "Caledonia Australis".[2] This was followed in March 1840 by Polish explorer Paweł Edmund Strzelecki, who unknowingly led his expedition across the same terrain already encountered by McMillan, renaming many natural landmarks and places. Following these expeditions, the area was officially given the title of "Gippsland", a name chosen by Strzelecki in honour of the New South Wales Governor, George Gipps, with whom Strzelecki had a close relationship.[3]
The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 Census reported a population of 239,647 for Gippsland, comprised of 80,115 in East Gippsland, 52,377 in South Gippsland, 33,632 in West Gippsland, and 73,477 in the Latrobe Valley statistical divisions.[4]

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