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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why “New Zealand greenshell mussels” are sooo special ;)

Okay,… when I saw the words “New Zealand greenshell mussels” on the package, I though it’s merely a marketing strategy to give the impression that New Zealand-grown mussels are of superior quality.

(Well, how different can they be from Aussie mussels or Japanese mussels? They’re all mussels)
But guess what – the company Fresh Zone isn’t overselling the product…
NZ greenshell mussels are indeed very special

 Though I’m not an animal biologist, I can still tell that the kiwi mussels are hermaphrodites.
They really have both the male and female reproductive organs!
Isn’t that amazing?
Human beings have all sorts of weird beliefs
The Chinese used to (and some still do) believe that bulls’ penises and elephant trunks are natural Viagra

I guess I can now understand why some people would regard oysters as an aphrodisiac
I've been conducting a laboratory experiment on shellfish in the past weeks

Shellfish seem to be in a state of perpetual arousal


  1. I like your blog! I can relate to it very well as I was a Chef for many years, my friends think I am being a picky jerk when I look at cafe food and pull it apart and scrutinise it! I will now point them to your blog!!

  2. Look so good to taste, some restaurants owner in Kuala Lumpur should import this NZ green shell mussels and introduce to Malaysian. After all NZ seafood being serve in restaurant here.

  3. love those muscle and seafood pics lol

  4. erm...i was expecting something a lil different, not this

  5. Stephen MathesonJune 10, 2009 at 3:41 PM

    that looks pornographic!!!

  6. honestly...i like your "hermaphrodites shell" idea~~~