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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good quality Kiwi bread

Was having a lil' Consumer Price Index comparison talk with my friend Li Li who has been residing in Auckland since 8 years ago.
We're debating about the higher average income and higher taxes in New Zealand, the higher car prices in Malaysia (a Toyota Vios costs NZD$40k in Malaysia) , the cheaper dairy products in New Zealand (a NZD$3.99 tub of Yoplait yogurt costs NZD$11 (MYR21) in Malaysia)...
She lamented about the higher cost of bread in New Zealand, but I still think you get a better value for your money here in Auckland compared to Malaysia.
- Fresh and natural ingredients are used
- Kiwi bakers don't cheat or skimp on flour by adding more cancer-causing chemicals such as bread improver and bread softener
- The variety is just amazing!
You can find at least 50 types of bread in a typical supermarket

Fresh loaf of fragrant rye bread (bought from Countdown supermarket, Auckland City), NZD$3.50 (MYR7.50)
Signature Range Rye Bread 750g (Less than NZD$2.99)
Signature Range Mixed Grain Bread (I think it's less than NZD2.99) 

In Malaysia, a normal loaf of rye bread that you can get from Countdown will cost 3-5 times the NZ price at a gourmet bakery in a posh 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur (eg, Renaissance Hotel)
All supermarkets in Malaysia (except for Cold Storage) offer a limited choices of bread; white bread, wholemeal bread, burger buns... and unfortunately, most bread contain a hazardous level of cancer-causing preservatives (propionic acid), artificial flavouring, colouring, bread softener and bread improver. Awful!!!

In fact, the bread in Malaysia are so unhealthy that we had to resort to making homemade bread
Homemade brioche with fresh Iranian dates:) My Dad's favourite
These are photos of my sister’s eldest son when he was 3-yr-old:-). He’s very very fussy about food. I was delighted that he tried the homemade banana bread without any coaxing and so, decided to take snapshots of him eating em;-)
He's cute, aye?;)