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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Joyce Park - my "Bloggywood" idol ;) (by the way, she's married)

My 3-page long kudos to Lady Gaga created the false impression that I'm her fan.
So I have to re-emphasize that I have never been a fan of any singers or any Hollywood or Bollywood celebs.
Yes, I may drool over Matthew McConaughey and enjoyed listening to Whitney Houston's songs, but no other celebrities turn me on as much as South Park (I've never watched South Park) Joyce Park of "Bloggywood"
Joyce Park - a PHP developer turned entrepreneur
Joyce Park was unfairly dismissed by Friendster back in 2004, and went on to develop her own IT startup - Renkoo.
Renkoo created the Booze Mail and Haikoo Zoo Facebook applications. 
Prior to Renkoo, Joyce was a member of the software engineering teams at Epinions, KnowNow, and Friendster. She is also active in the open source community, as a leader of the mod-pubsub project, founding member of Dojo Toolkit, and longtime PHP developer. 
Joyce studied history at the University of Chicago.

Joyce's blog: http://troutgirl.wordpress.com

News excerpt:
With Friendster like this, who needs enemies?
By Stefanie Olsen
Staff Writer, CNET News
(Source: http://news.cnet.com/Friendster-fires-developer-for-blog/2100-1038_3-5331835.html)

Friendster, known for breaking new ground in online social networking and promoting self-expression among peers, fired one of its employees in 2004 for her personal Web log, or online diary.

Joyce Park, a Web developer living in Sunnyvale, Calif., said her managers told her Monday that she stepped over the line with her blog, Troutgirl. They declined to elaborate, except to say that it was CEO Scott Sassa's ultimate decision, Park said.

"I only made three posts about Friendster on my blog before they decided to fire me, and it was all publicly available information. They did not have any policy, didn't give me any warning, they didn't ask me to take anything down," said Park, 35.

Critics of Friendster's move called it "silly" in light of Park's boosterism of the company.
"Especially for a social networking company, it seems to reflect a particularly poor understanding of the medium," said Wendy Seltzer, staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. 

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