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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A "Streep" Bar Named White House... (the seedier side of US politics?)

I've always wondered what goes on in the White House...

No,... not the White House in Washington D.C.
but the White House Entertainment Centre - No. 371 Queen Street, Auckland City ;p ;p ;p hehehe

I've always felt sorry for former US President Bill Clinton... and wondered why he and Monica Lewinsky had their play session in the White House instead of somewhere else...

Perhaps they got the inspiration from the White House strip club in Auckland City?

Omg... *cringe* what an insult of the Statue of Liberty ;p
(but I seriously find the satire amusing. I just wonder if former President George W. Bush would have been offended)
Ok... I have never had any interests in strip clubs before I came to Auckland. It's because I just am not curious about Asian girls. After all, I grew up being used to seeing my girlfriends naked when we went bra shopping. (oops... that's too personal)

I'm more curious about kiwi girls - like,... do they really have pink colour nipples? do they smell & taste like strawberries? will they let me touch them? ;p;p;p hehe

Here's a photo of a caucasian girl with pink nipples
(Image source: http://www.end-erectile-dysfunction-now.com/treatment1.html)
If that girl has pink nipples, how come the Caucasian guy in the pic have brown nipples?
Hmm... penises seem to look like "sea cucumbers" (known as "hoi sum" in Cantonese)


  1. ...must be....

  2. did you end up going inside ?

  3. I was thinking you are now in New York.

  4. sounds suitable for a brothel ----

  5. does that driving the economy include The White House?