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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vodafone gives out 2,000 sausages to each user per month??? *puzzled*

Yes, while it makes you wonder why Vodafone would be giving out 2,000 sausages per month to each user, it's probably even more puzzling why users would be eating the 2,000 sausages every month (that's probably 75 sausages per day!)

But we don't have a choice!
We either choose to take the sausages - or we get nothing at all!
You see, I just purchased a 2,000 text-messages-per-month package which cost $10, but I can only send those texts to Vodafone numbers.
So, that's almost like being fed 75 sausages per day!
How sad...
Vodafone, do you seriously think that I can send 75 sausages texts per day? Or are you giving us the free texts because you know we won't be using all of them, anyway?
Do you really think that other loyal Vodafone users will appreciate your... ermm... "generosity"?
Or do you not care at all?
Perhaps Vodafone really doesn't care about me at all :( *sob sob*
He probably has more than 2.5 million girlfriends (and boyfriends) in New Zealand alone - and more in the UK, Australia, and other parts of the world.
Vodafone darling, it is appalling when a huge MNC like you neglect corporate social responsibility. Do you know the extent of your decisions to consumers out there?
There's 4.3 million population in New Zealand. What if we get arthritis from the constant texting?
So, why don't you consider offering side drinks and salad together with the sausages? - eg, lower call rates + free calls to Vodafone numbers + 500, sausages texts per month
Use common sense, darling
Give your gf something that she needs
- don't just give for the sake of showing that you are 'trying to give' 
That's so not gentleman. You're worse than Wilson Parking!

Vodafone, we've been together for 6 weeks now. If you don't start showing that you love me, I'll have to start seeing Telecom
(Vodafone probably thinks, "Who cares? If you go to Telecom, you won't even be getting any sausages!)
*sob sob*
Why are they so mean?

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