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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NZ model - Jenna Sauers - gives up secret identity, her blog and career

(Source: http://www.fashionologie.com/3545708)
There was a teaser a couple of days ago, but now it's been confirmed: New Zealander Jenna Sauers is the model who has been writing for Jezebel as "Tatiana Anymodel"; she says she quit modeling this Summer and plans to continue writing for Jezebel — and on her own blog — under her own name.
Sauers has been under suspicion of being Tatiana since at least a year ago, when fingers were pointed her way and her journalistic aspirations were uncovered. Sauers repeatedly denied that she was Tatiana, and posted a comment on her own blog last July: "I’m not the anonymous columnist . . . There are an awful lot of models who are smart and good-enough writers to do what the Jezebel blogger does, and plenty who are also low enough on the fashion food chain for their on-the-side efforts to go unnoticed." But a picture of Sauers with a Jezebel founding editor surfaced, grabbing even more attention.

Today, she reveals herself with an essay, "I Am The Anonymous Model," and more of her realist commentary on the industry:

"I often reflected on the fact that studies show that women, after looking at fashion magazines -- full of pictures of girls very much like me, sometimes even pictures of me -- feel bad about themselves.

"I also often wondered why it is, given this fact, that we buy the magazines again next month."
The model mole said she was done with the sneaking around and the furtive filing of her columns.
Sauers used her own case to illustrate the dire financial hardships many faced in the profession.

"How, exactly, I was supposed to make a living as a model never became entirely clear," she wrote in her final post. "When I worked (for) two months in Australia last year, after agency fees and the rent were deducted, nearly $A5000 ($NZ6359) worth of earnings became $A690.90.

"I didn't get my $A690.90 -- $A413.70, after wire transfer fees and currency conversion -- until this April. `At least,' said the agency accountant, `you worked!'."

She also noted the industry's subtle racism and a blind eye turned to sexual harassment: "There's potential for exploitation in any relationship which is based on a 14-year-old girl being photographed by a 47-year-old man".

"I'm coming out now because I figure I've got nothing to lose," she told The Guardian. "I lost heart in the industry; it's as simple as that."

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