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Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to make a low fat Strawberry-Pumpkin-Potato-Tomato-Onion-Cheddar Cheese-Beetroot-Broccoli Quiche

After having sampled the delicious quiches at Fat Dog Cafe (Rotorua) and Ronnie's Bakery (Quay St, Auckland City), I realised that you can include just about anything that you love in your own homemade quiches :)
- including strawberries!!
(that is, if berries are in season) :P))
That's a pic of Fat Dog's yummy vege quiche with fresh cranberry sauce
Oh, I love cranberries!! :)) 
Cranberries are so nutritious, flavourful + low in calories. 
Do you also know that cranberries prevent urinary tract infection? (Info source: wikipedia)

Quiches are so easy to make :)
You can make a low-fat one too!
Just use bread as the quiche base instead of puff pastry or shortcrust pastry :)) *grin*
You can make quiches while surfing net & watching TV or making love with your hubby (Oops, I gotta watch what I write cuz Dad just emailed & told me that Mum almost fainted after seeing a nude pic that I published on my blog even though that's not my pic;p)
Just pop the vege into the microwave for 6 mins:)
You don't even have to peel the skin beforehand
The skin comes off more easily after you've micrawaved the pumpkin/potatoes, etc etc
Cut the vege into small cubes & lay them evenly on top of the bread base

Put the onions & tomatoes at the very top layer of the quiche
(Quiches taste yummier if the tomatoes/berries juice seep into the middle layers of the vege)
I used lotttsss of onions for the quiche :)
& pure fresh Kiwi cheddar cheese :))
don't buy shredded cheese
Use block cheese

The best part of it all:-

Happy experimenting! ;)
I have confidence that you can all make even better tasting quiches :)))

You see, cook shows and cook books sometimes make cooking seem a lot more intimidating than it actually is.
But cooking is essentially a very fun & easy process
- a great way to show love to your family & friends
My eldest nephew's birthday
I learnt how to cook when I was ten, started baking bread at 14 - my Dad's a diabetic since he was in his late 20s & so, we try to bake cakes, brownies, cookies, etc as often as possible for family birthdays so that we can all enjoy guiltfree goodies :)


  1. DAD diabetes about 35 years now,your MUM cook the right kind of foods for me and you also started to do so and even search and try other recipe and teach MUM. I am still in good hand now and of course I myself must do daily walking exercises and not eat all the Malaysia foods and fast foods that not healthy at all.

  2. there's one in sydney too! in front of the queen victoria building.

  3. It was a great support, appreciate it, now to make a fat strawberry-pumpkin-potato-tomato-onion-cheddar cheese-beetroot-broccoli quiche is simple with your help. Thank you