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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weber Bros Circus

Have you ever seen a "Chinese clown" before? ;)
I was still very impressed with the refreshing novelty of "Chinese clowns" despite being a 25-going-on-26 adult - & having seen many good Chinese acrobatic acts throughout my life.
So, if you have young kids at home who are 10-20 years my junior, I bet they'll just love the goofy "Chinese clowns" at the Weber Bros' Chinese-theme circus! :) :) :)
The audience interaction is very good!
Members of the crowd are given a hands on Tai Chi & Wushu lesson :)
& of course... there are the usual gravity-defying stunts by very well-trained Chinese acrobats
There weren't any mattress, trampolines... *gulp*
I probably have mellowed a lot over the years. I used to watch scarier stuff on television & while visiting China with my parents, but didn't bat an eyelid.
Yet, I found the acrobatic stunts at Weber Bros Circus (which are apparently mediocre by Chinese standards) to be too much for my weak heart - & I was praying hard that the girl wouldn't fall.

In one of the dance acts, the beautiful girls dressed in elegant red colour Ching Dynasty palace silk costumes, along with elaborate flower adorned headgears and 5-inch high wooden clogs, carrying red Chinese lanterns. Took a snapshot of my favourite girl
The "Fairy Dance" is my favourite :)
Girl danced in white, soothing music in the background...
I was quite amused with the stage deco:) - which reminds me of the fictional singer Cora Corman (a parody of Britney Spears and Madonna) in the film Music & Lyrics
The show lasts for 2 hours, with a plenty of entertainment throughout the 1/2 hour mid-show break
Bumper car
Game stalls:)
The Chinese acrobats interacted with the crowd at the food stall - serving popcorns, ice creams, drinks and hotdog
  Tea cups!:)

For more information on booking information : http://www.weberbroscircus.co.nz


  1. I saw Web Bros when they're in Auckland. Loved it!

  2. I went to the same circus show as you did eh, I thought it was quite good. But I like that circuses previous theme as they had more amazing tricks :o)