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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shopping for (Asian aphrodisiacs) Sea Cucumbers and Dong Gwai in China

My Dad just came back from a week-long Guangzhou trip.

My earliest recollections of Guangzhou were that of a sight of butchered dogs hung upside-down in a wet market, and my Mum's aprodisiac-shopping-spree.
 Sea cucumbers or "Hoi sum" - a priced Chinese traditional aphrodisiac
(Image source: http://img.alibaba.com/photo/11305256/Sea_Cucumber_Joko_Sawah_.jpg)
My Mum (a demure and shy lady) would buy at least 10kgs of sea cucumbers, deer horns and Dong Gwai (traditional Chinese viagra for women) each. I wonder why she bought so much of those stuff. She didn't even need them. The mere sight of cheap Asian aphrodisiacs was enough to get her all excited.

Throughout my teenage years, my parents and I visited China & Thai approximately 10 times, and on each trip, we had to bring a spare bag for my Mum (gotta delete this. Else, she's gonna hit my head with a saucepan) the aphrodisiacs.

My siblings and I grew up eating aprodisiac every other day. While it was okay for my siblings (10-11 years older than I am) to take those powerful stuff, I was seriously underaged for those lethal ingredients.
No wonder my friends Janice and Samantha always complained that I'm "hamsap" horny
Helloo...that's not a fair accusation
I'm a saint. I studied in St Teresa Convent School for 6 years!
I have no horns

Seriously no horns


  1. Your obviously somewhat of a budding young journalist

  2. what, no toilet? Hmmm...that's strange hehe.