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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Plagiarism is really cool! :)

The "Public Parking" signboards in Auckland wouldn’t have caught my attention if it weren’t because they look so similar to Guardian Pharmacy’s logo…
- the exact same shade of blue & orange! :)
I wouldn’t have noticed the VLGVLGARIARI Hair Stylist ...
if weren’t because it sounds so much like…
(VLGVLGARIARI... Gosh, what a mouthful! That's probably the most difficult tounge-twister I've ever come across in my life)
Haha... whoever who came up with that name must be a genius!

You see, a local Malaysian restaurant "McCurry" was sued by McDonald's for using the word "Mc"
But the owner of VLGVLGARIARI cleverly protected himself from potential plagiarism charges from BULGARI by dropping the "B"

So, I guess we can safely name a new biz as "Oosoftsoft" without worring about Microsoft coming after us:)

Sorry, I can't provide any insight on how VLGVLGARIARI is pronounced
It probably has more consonants than words in the Polish dictionary
Errm, let's give it a try...Vulgar-vulgar-airy-airy?????


  1. The VLGARIARI signboard's in Auckland or KL?

  2. I will pronounce as Boo-Ga-boo-ga-boo ga ree!!!