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Friday, June 12, 2009


You've gotta be kidding...
I've had the most traumatic 10-seconds of my life when I walked under this thing
I couldn't help but think that piles of metal and rubble would come crashing down on me anytime *shudders*
I don't think I'll want to walk under it ever again, even if you're to pay me $1,000 for to do it
Stay away from this dangerous tunnel!!
It's located on Wakefield St, Auckland City


  1. Just don't walk under cover walkway it is make from wood etc can't ton of concrete come crushing down from the top. This just happened in Petaling Jaya section 14 old Weld supermarket 7 workers was killed.

  2. Stephen MathesonJune 13, 2009 at 7:36 AM

    I have a photo taken in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam at the scene of an accident. Some scaffolders were working 10 levels up and one of the dropped a scaffolding pole and they had no barriers or safety netting..it hit a tourist in the face! although it just skimmed him

  3. Yes I want to see all your Vietnam photos becos I was in Vietnam 1991-1995 with 2 travel agency office one in SGN and one Hanoi. Your photos will useful when I start writing Vietnam travel stories. I am sure there are tremendous changes due fast rapid development. Any photos on BBQ dog selling at stalls hang like BBQ roast pig.