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Monday, June 22, 2009

New Zealand Premium Scallops

Don't worry ;), this is not another pornographic review of New Zealand seafood 

Apologies for the overdose of seafood review, but my Mum in KL is so worried that I haven't been eating enough seafood that I have to explain to her that we do get seafood here in Auckland - and that kiwis don't just drink milk all the time even though there are more cows here than us human beans
I'm a regular consumer of "Premium Quality New Zealand Ready-to-Cook Scallops" from Countdown and Foodtown supermarkets
The name sounds nice, aye?
(Oh crikey, what's wrong with me? I'm starting to sound like a kiwi after having been here for only a month, aye)
They're quite easy to cook
- pretty similar to other types of scallops except that the NZ scallops come with the soft orange bits that taste like cooked testicles

Of course, I haven't been able to find the fierce looking pike mackerels that I really liked back in Malaysia...
But then again, I've never had better-tasting scallops anywhere else in the world :))
& they are affordable too
- approx $6 per packet


  1. The scallops and mackerels is more than enough to get your Mum to book the next flight to Auckland city. Here 1 mackerel selling RGT13 and scallops just to expensive and after defrost from big melt into so small why?

  2. slurrps.. hoh ciak !