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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What is "kanasai"? What is "ganas"?

This is Janice - the most natural Brand Guru I have ever met
While most of us have to learn Marketing/Branding strategies, she was born with the knack of spreading infectious fads among friends, classmates and even teachers!
- before we even graduated from our Advertising class
Back in Taylor's College - where we met 8 years ago - she popularized the word "kanasai".
 Janice in Macau
Before I met her, I have never heard of the word "kanasai"
If you asked me back then, I'd probably guess that it's a Japanese word
After all, it rhymes with "samurai"
But actually, it's a Hokkien (Chinese dialect) word that means "looks like shit"
"Kanasai" featured so infectiously in her daily vocab that the entire college of English-speaking students started using the"kanasai" every 5 mins in their conversations

Kanasai is a very versatile word.
For example,... if you think a dress is ugly, you may say - " This dress is so kanasai"

If you don't like the taste of a particular food - "It tastes so kanasai"

Being a pretty girl, she had many admirers whom she'd bluntly describe as "kanasai"

After a while, we became a bit lazy and we shortened the word to "ganas" (in Malay, the word ganas means aggressive... It also has the connotation of sexual aggressiveness)

I had to laugh thinking about how we blatantly coaxed her to share stories about her "ganas" admirers in our girl gossip sessions

Well, she had finally met a nice gentleman (5 years ago) who's not "kanasai" :)
But Samantha and I suspect that he can be "ganas"
Janice and bf in Singapore
They look so cute together:) keke


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  2. her b.f looks kanasai

  3. I think you're just jealous of her bf ;p right???

  4. omg! i feel like a star! *shy shy*
    thank you so much sweetie for promoting the true side of ME! whee!
    quick come back! we shall popularize more lame terms!

  5. Nicolas Yip Zhen-WeiJuly 1, 2009 at 4:09 AM

    Thanks, now I really know what my workmates mean when they mention kanasai.

  6. Janice started the craze back in 2001 at Taylor's College. Many of us brought along "kanasai"ism to Monash Uni and influenced other students from Sunway College... and it spread on. Now it's not just confined to the Subang area

  7. "Being a pretty girl, she had many admirers whom she'd bluntly describe as 'kanasai.'"

    Someone thinks her sh*t don't stink!

    Doesn't matter how cute a woman is I stick my finger in her *ss it will still come out smelling of sh*t.

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    Princess needs to lose the attitude.

    I have a simple psychological theory about female "princess syndrome." Girls learn early in life their bodies are dirty because their moms and aunties are always telling them "hide that it's ugly" and "wash that it stinks."

    As they get older they learn they can transfer their self-disgust to the "dirty" men and boys who want their dirty bodies.

    So she gets to sit on a throne and play the unattainable, the fairy princess and the slugs and snails and puppydog's tails department falls to the pursuing men.

    Most women improve once they have babies. Nothing like changing a few diapers to bring a lofty b*tch back to earth.