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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Favourite Mock Ad: The Break Up ak.a. Bring the Love Back

Here's one of my favourite ads
- a pretty popular (award-winning) video clip among Marketing/Advertising seminar speakers back in year 2008:

Title - "The Breakup/Bring the Love Back"
- it's a dialogue between "Advertisers & Consumers", cleverly scripted in a "couple-fight" setting.

Highly entertaining
Witty witty witty - definitely a must watch!!

The Break-Up' - also available on www.bringtheloveback.com - is about the relationship between a conceited advertiser and a consumer.

The plot:
The Advertiser (man) and the Consumer (woman) have agreed to meet in a restaurant.
The man's feeling perfectly happy, until the woman makes a painful announcement: she wants a divorce.
In the course of their conversation she makes it clear to him why she is leaving him. And he makes it very clear that he doesn't have an empathic bone in his body.
At the end of the movie the woman walks away disappointed but determined. The advertiser stays behind alone.

The clever script:
Advertiser (Man) seated in a restaurant and admiring his own reflection on a spoon as the Consumer (Woman) appeared

Advertiser (Man): Hey there... Long time no see, looking good

Woman removed her jacket and took a seat opposite the man

Consumer (Woman): Yeah... Let's just keep this simple. I want a divorce
Man: Right now?
Woman: I think you heard me just fine

Man: Come on. This is me. What's wrong?

Woman: We don't talk anymore

Man: I just put a million in a TV commercial to talk to you.
Woman: Exactly. You do all the talking. I never even get a chance...

Man interjected
Woman: Sure, if I wanna say "Order this product..."
Man: See
Woman: It's not exactly a dialogue
Man: What about the print campaign, hmm?
You can't tell me you missed the billboard at Times Square. That's like a 2,000 ft declaration of LOVE
Woman: You're saying you love me but you're not behaving like you love me
Man: I don't know. The agency said I sound genuinely funny, cute and genuinely charming. 
(Raising his voice in the restaurant)

(Woman was embarrassed)

Woman: Shh! Keep your voice down. You're not doing a radio commercial
Look, whether you're funny or not, it's just... I've changed and you haven't. I mean, we don't even hang out in the same place anymore
You're not even listening, are you?

Man: Coupons! You want coupons, don't you? Look, come by the store. I got two words for you: LOYALTY, REDEMPTION
(Man used his hand as an imaginary gun and "shoot" the woman - in an attempt to signify that the Advertiser has won over the Consumer)
Am I right? That was it? Wasn't it? Let's just TALK

Woman: If you knew me, you know I don't care about that
Man: Sweetheart, I know everything about you. You're 28 to 34, your online interests include music, movies,  and... laser hair removal
You have a modest but dependable disposable income.
Am I the only one not getting the problem here?

Woman: Umm, I'm outta here
Man: C'monnnnnn. Don't be like that
I tell you what. Come back here tomorrow, I'll give you a chance to win a Bahamas vacation. 

(As the screen faded off, the Advertiser (Man)'s voice continued looming in the background
It's a small chance, minuscule, but tactically still a chance

(I'll transcribe the whole thing someday;) need a break at the mo)

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