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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Perfect choc... but "obituary"-style packaging

Whittaker's "Dark Ghana" choc (72% cocoa) is just as good as Lindt's, if not better.
But this is the first time I have ever tried Whittaker's, though I'm quite certain that I have seen it before, as the name seems vaguely familiar
It is most unfortunate that a good choc like this is not as popular as it ought to be in the international market..., which IMHO, is due in large part to the "obituary"-style packaging...
It weirds me out to see J.H. Whittaker staring sternly at me whenever I eat the choc
It's a major appetite spoiler
Okay,... I know his moustache's like Sir Laurence Olivier's.... 
(Laurence Olivier. Source: www.allposters.co.uk)
and Sir Laurence Olivier's like..., the sexiest man in Classic Hollywood films
but he's long gone
So, why don't they get J.H. Whittaker's grandson or great grandson to be the poster boy?
or maybe some other good looking hunk who's still alive?
Say, if they're to have Matthew McConaughey on the chocolate wrapper, I'd be eating Matthew Whittaker's chocs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper!
(Source: http://www.yuddy.com/articleimages/matthew%20mcconaugheyMjEx.jpg)
Or, why don't they just get me to endorse their product?
Automobile and electrical appliances manufacturers all use girls to model their products, anyway.

And oh... if  I can have my way, I'd be wearing less clothes for the choc packaging ;p hehe
and do away with the "obituary"-style, of course


  1. I reckon the leaves are synthetic. I've been diligently watching this page every day since you posted the picture and the leaves have shown no signs withering away!

  2. Your sweet smiling face will make chocs sell faster and better.

  3. I guess you are staying in the backpackers next to the globe bar :) just a guess, but I have seen most of the photos you took here in Auckland, including the V for vendetta face, and I wondered about the New Zealand greenshell mussels and laughed when I saw it the same as you, we might have met on the streets before maybe a lot of times but never talked, it reminds me of that movie "you've got mail" It's amazing how life works. I have done a lot of writings as well, had a blog of my own, I used to write short stories but mostly in Arabic.