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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cute baby chicks in poultry farm:)

For the next two weeks, I'll probably have to eat more seafood, lamb and New Zealand greenshell mussels
After falling in love with these cute baby chicks while touring Lee's Poultry Farm up on the North Shore, I can't possibly eat chicken without having a terrible nightmare
They're just so cute...
They're meant to be cuddled - not for the dinner table

Can you imagine that these tiny little chicks will grow 20 times their current size in 30 days from now?
Poultry farming entails huge responsibilities
You need a lot of patience, perseverance and dedication
... making sure that the temperature is always ideal
Regular checking of all machineries...

These are to ensure that all 57,000 birds per hatch will be of the same size - not an easy task!

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