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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Parnell Village, Auckland City

Parnell Village is fast becoming my favourite place in Auckland City :)
The cafes here provide unlimited free wireless
It's also a great place for photography

Parnell's such a charming little town - quaint, cheerful looking shops, cosy cafes + colourful plants

Good food:)
On my first visit, I stopped by at Alphabet to try the chilli and cheese scone. It was absolutely yummy!

A cute English-style telephone booth...

Colourful signboards... :)


  1. Based on your description Parnell village English style shops and building etc like Christchurch ( Little England ).
    How about the foods it is English cocking?

  2. Hi:) MY apologies. Haven't quite completed the blog posting because the wifi at Parnell is very slow today (perhaps the weather is too cold ;)). Anyway, a quick A to your Q, in Parnell you can get a variety of internationbal cuisine and gourmet food at very good prices. For example, the chilli & cheese scone is NZD$5 (approx RM11).

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  4. You should drop by at Citron Vert :>