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Friday, May 29, 2009

Demonstration on Queen St.

I was chatting with Li Li on YM while surfing Net in the Esquires outlet on Queen St. when she told me that there'd be a massive demonstration there on the same day  *gulp*

I was about to pack my laptop and head back to the hostel... but it was already too late...

The demonstrators had just approached Queen St.!
I had nowhere to run (uh oh)

But fortunately, it wasn't anything that's terribly frightening :)

Yes, it's massive...but also very peaceful

Just like a big street concert

colourful umbrellas...


even toddlers join in the demonstration

schoolkids too

So, what's the demonstration all about?


  1. aiyoh...so kesian u

  2. U so daredevil go & take photo some more ah

  3. keke.. there's no violence at all

  4. U k? anything happened to you ?

  5. It is peaceful like a street party and there is no police to stop the demonstration by shooting water cannon or use tear gas plus the arrest etc.like here in Malaysia. Even lawyers are being arrested for peaceful demonstration.
    Peaceful Demonstration should be allow in a nation that claim to practice freedom of speech.
    Should I forward your report to our police and out Home Minister and PM??

  6. Oh yes... the policemen weren't violent at all. There were just there to make sure that everything's ok, that nobody gets trampled in the crowd