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Monday, May 18, 2009


Flying to Auckland tomorrow :)


  1. Take good care and please ensure your properly lock before leave for work and lock when inside room.

  2. yesterday I found out it is easy to type on the blog and save and continue again the next day and then publish instead of use words to do first before copy and paste.
    I will keep on trying on how to master the blog publishing, picasa etc.
    This morning mum wanted to go Mid valley mall to buy but will prepare lunch at home and after return from mall just cook and it ready for lunch at home.
    Do contact Iris and Reginal for Auckland WIFI etc or apply internet instead of you searching around it may take time.
    I am sure iris working at the newspaper will be a good source of providing you with faster tips etc you wanted.

  3. Here in Auckland, there's no unlimited broadband packages like Streamyx ;p There's a 20GB package offered by Vodafone which cost abt MYR210 per month. Even Starbucks & Esquires Coffee (NZ franchise) doesn't offer unlimited wi-fi. You're given a 1-hour coupon for each purchase