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Friday, May 29, 2009

Croc Sandwich @ Esquires Coffee

Tried a cute crocodile-shaped sandwich at Esquires Coffee  ☺
It sure looks delicious, but food presentation at Esquires is often very misleading. Really, the Croc Sandwich is nothing more than a just pretty looking snack.
-    The bread’s hard, dry and chewy. 
(It’s like eating plastic)
-    The meat slices were so thin
(even in the Chinese dish “yee sang”, you can find thicker slices of meat)

-    It’s named the “Double Decker Sandwich” by Esquires, but for that kind of name, I expected meatier stuff  - plus a decent slice of cheese (that’s not an unreasonable expectation, is it?).
Instead, there’s only half a slice of processed cheddar cheese in that whole thing. Of course, they substituted the lack of taste with thrice the amount of butter that you would find in any other sandwiches. Very unhealthy!
Like any coffee chain, Esquires Coffee has a team of very cheerful baristas. I do like the Esquires Coffee Baristas. Lovely people. They make sure I get my free 1-hour internet voucher each time I buy something. But Esquires’ food quality is definitely not up to par with the usual stuff that you would find in Auckland.
I’m not just alluding to the Croc Sandwich, but also other common items on the menu.
- The spinach and feta pie is way too salty and oily. Don’t try it at all!

- The muffins are mediocre. Anywhere in Auckland, you can easily find better tasting muffins at 10-20% less the price at Esquires. The cheapest muffin at Esquires is priced at NZD$3.90. At Starbucks (Auckland), you can get a really yummy brownie & bigger muffins at only NZD$3.20-3.50.
- None of the above can really beat the Chicken Wrap. The Chicken Wrap is seriously the saddest looking food item sold here.

Eating the Chicken Wrap is like… eating pita bread soaked with mayonnaise. The irony is, I couldn’t find any chicken bits in the Chicken Wrap! ...Just bits of lettuce, and shredded processed cheddar cheese mixed with mayonnaise.
Goodness gracious, where on earth did they get the brilliant idea of mixing cheese with mayonnaise? Yuck!
I’m sure that even my 6 year-old nephew could come up with better tasting recipes using plain common sense, lol!:)
All items at Esquires are overpriced compared to Starbucks, and most other cafes and bakeries. The Croc Sandwich costs NZD$6.50. At Ronnie’s Café and elsewhere, you can get really good ones at only NZD$4.00. If Esquires is a fine-dining restaurant, then okay... I probably wouldn't question if the Croc costs twice the price. 

More about Ronnie’s Cafe


  1. well what can you expect. it's almost a monopoly. no other cafes have wifi besides Starbucks.

  2. Who is that boy??? so cute it is the owner son?

  3. Dad, it's Sis' younger son - Meng Jun :) You see him everyday and you couldn't recognize him?????

  4. Ronnie Cafe can't stay long for business in Auckland for selling this type of foods in NZ. In NZ it is free fresh milk given at hotel by bottles at lobby just take one bottle at a time. However our Malaysia visitors just take all into their rooms and leave not a single bottle in the lobby for other guest. I need to tell them not to do it just drink any amount of bottles per day bottle bottle at a time giving time for hotel front desk staff to replenish. The seafood and meat cheap and plenty bread fast you can get T bone lamb etc.
    Why the Ronnie cafe so stupid? or it is NZ now very expensive?
    Sure I now know is my grand son as in the monr rushing to sent him to kindergarten and Mum wanted to check any email from you.

  5. Ronnie's the one that serves good stuff
    Anyway, Esquires Coffee is a thriving business and will continue to be. It's the "only" coffee chain that provides free 1-hour wifi. Earlier on I assumed that Starbucks does too, but just found out today that if you'd like to surf net in Starbucks, you have to sign up to wifi packages - NZD$10 per day