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Monday, May 25, 2009

Why New Zealand is the "least blogged-about" place

The fact that New Zealand is the least blogged about place has always puzzled me until I arrived in Auckland just about a week ago. After all, NZ probably has one the highest literacy rate in the world. Surely,... a high literacy rate = more bloggers? Besides, it's also a very vibrant city - good food/entertainment, rich in culture, very very scenic - and it has many attributes that would render some highly interesting blog topics

Well, unfortunately... internet is horribly expensive over here!

1) There's no such thing as "unlimited broadband" - nothing similar to Streamyx in Malaysia
- The best internet package that you can probably get is a 20GB + landline (Vodafone) at the cost of NZD$99 per month (that's about MYR200). Any extra usage, you'll have to pay more *gulp*
(C'mon... you must be kidding. 20GB can hardly last for 2 weeks if I were to upload 20 pics, download 2-3 programmes, send a couple of e-mails with attachments!)

2) NZD$2/hour internet cafes
- In most countries, internet cafes probably have a tough time staying in business. But here in Auckland, NZD$2/hour internet cafes are everywhere! - on Queen St, Victoria St, Albert St, Hobson St, Quay St... etc etc
While I have to admit that NZD2/hour is quite a reasonable fee, not many would want to spend that amount maintaining a blog! - especially when Google Adsense doesn't even come close to generating 1/10 the internet fee

3) No free internet
- Umm..., not even at Starbucks or Esquires Coffee. At best, you can get a free 1-hour complimentary wi-fi with every purchase.

So, blogging.. which used to be an income-generating hobby, has become a very pricey indulgence here in NZ

But of course, I'm not about to give up blogging... yet. I'll just find sneaky ways on how to get more airtime, hehe...

i) which involves spending less time on my other favourite hobbies.
- I'm quite a good cook and I do enjoy whipping up a good meal now and then. But nowadays, I'll probably spend more time dining out at wi-fi places than preparing my own food. Thank goodness they do serve good food here - fresh ingredients, no MSG, preservative-free

ii) while walking along Victoria St today, I came across an electronics store that offers free 20-minute internet usage

- The catch is, you would have to provide your e-mail address so that they can spam you ;p
Well, that won't worry me much:) I'll just filter out those spams. Besides, I gave my Dad's e-mail address instead. So, that should keep him busy in the next few days, hehe

iii) Parnell :)
- I have yet to check out Parnell Village - which is about 30 minutes' walk from my place at St Paul St. According to this website http://www.parnell.net.nz/, most cafes/restaurants in Parnell provide free wi-fi. Not sure if it's just the 1-hour voucher or... unlimited wi-fi ;) Will post more info later on

An excerpt from Parnell's website:-

"We're the only business area in Auckland offering you free wireless internet access! Now visitors to Parnell Road and Parnell locals (residents and office workers) can easily go online while away from their homes or offices.

*At launch, Parnell Wireless will provide internet access along Parnell Road between St Stephens Avenue and Heather Street . We'll be expanding the network's reach in the near future."

Long live Parnell! Kia Ora!


  1. You must be very busy explore Auckland city these few days since arrival. From your description what was written was from a PR who stay in Auckland for years.
    I am sure Auckland now is totally transform form what I see during the early 1980 where I visited for a few times. There was one trip down to the South Island I can't remember name of the place for a stop over for lunch. The waiter a black practice racial treatment on Asian people. Our party was usher our party into a bar for our lunch. there was no proper tables for taking your meals but sit on bar lounge low stools. The plates with the foods was serve to us like flying saucers.
    I went to talk to her why are our party not eating in the restaurant she just walk away.
    The coach driver in which we call captain walk in by now after parking the coach. He was mad and angry when he saw the racial treatment and went to complaint to the owner who came to apologise and usher us to the restaurant and give free drinks.
    he even submit his complaint to NZ tourism authority cc to me.
    Now Auckland should be a big modern city like Kuala Lumpur on surface only look the any back lane of K.L it is dirty with rubbish and plenty of rats running around.
    Hope there is no such kind of people in NZ but the NZ tourism authority value tourism revenue. There are many asian travel agents handling tourists from Asia nations.

  2. I guess Auckland has changed a lot since:)
    I love everything about Auckland except for the lack of free wifi

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    it is the only ISP suitable for students