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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Best Chicken and Pumpkin Quiche at Ronnie's Cafe, Auckland City

Any visit to Auckland City will not be complete without a breakfast experience at Ronnie's Cafe (located on Quay St). Ronnie's Cafe makes the yummiest quiches I have ever tasted! :)

Ronnie's quiches aren't the usual bacon, ham and egg variety. They give an interesting touch to the quiches by adding some colourful vege in them. For the first time in my life, I tasted and absolutely fell in love with the Pumpkin and Chicken Quiche - served piping hot.

Unlike quiches that you'd find elsewhere, Ronnie's stuff aren't very salty, and I'm quite certain that there's no MSG.

Besides quiches, Ronnie's also has an interesting variety of cheesecakes, scones, brownies, muffins, sandwiches, fruit smoothies, and other goodies.


  1. Gosh! The pics make me hungry

  2. How many did you eat? What is the price for one? Don't forget to get the recipe for MUM to day CHANGS dumpling festivals MUM will prepare the dumpling for lunch and also some popia as well. Are there any dumpling Changs in Auckland any where in the corner of the world if there Chinese there Changs dumpling!!

  3. You don't even need to go to a Chinese restaurant to buy dumplings. There are Chinese dumplings in Asian stores!:)

  4. The cheesecakes nice or not?