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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Albert Park, Auckland City

The best thing about Auckland City is that there's minimal traces of pollution.

Parks are aplenty.

In places where there are no parks, you are bound to see some small trees, bushes, and flower pots.

My favourite park in the city is Albert Park, which is about half a minute's walk from my place at St Paul St.

a very very old tree
- this tree is so huge that you can even sit on it and read a book

More pics of Albert Park...


  1. Wish I'm in Auckland too ^*^
    visit you soon

  2. No need to go gymn but just jog in the morning and evening.
    If have the time visit the Rose inn or Motel where I stay before it was palnted with rose all round the inn/motel.
    Try the cable car up the hill top day and night for the Auckland view. Now maybe for to see than in early 1980.

  3. How far is it from the city centre?

  4. this blog has been bookmarked! ;)
    great postings!

  5. Like the colors!:)

  6. i love travelling but recently, have voluntarily curtailed overseas travelling to enjoy more at home, the company of my growing, young kids and wife. perhaps, next 1-2 year, i resume travel adventure! it's great to see u in NZ enjoy the beauty and the beast, haha. i mean city, every wherelah. email me food for me to taste, am hungry !!