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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Condom-like stationery?

I've finally found the answer to the decades-long mystery of "why guys think about sex 7 times a day - even when they're at work". If you have a stationery that looks like a condom lying around on your work desk, you'll inevitably think about sex, of course!
Well, if office stationery manufacturers start making something similar that's longer & thicker that looks like a dildo, women are probably gonna think about sex more often than guys!

But that's a dangerous stationery to have at a workplace...
you'll probably find your female employees hiding in the toilet every 1/2 hour
Very unproductive, eh?


  1. nice blog charmaine, a very astute and insightful observation as usual! however i'd like to add that mens preoccupation with sex most likely existed long before the advent of stationary, and perhaps as early as the first cave men who first painted on cave walls;) lol.

  2. I always wondered why my "female" trainee took so long on the toilet! here I was thinking that she was just killing time! (Uncontrollable Fits Of Laughter)

  3. lol, classic;)