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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Maori language: an avenue for a "ladylike" use of the 'F' word ;) *winks* Whakatane (Fuck-a-tane)

I've always had a love for languages since I was a child.
In the recent weeks, I've discovered a new-found love for the Maori language.

Well, the main reason :))) is because it provides a socially legitimate license for women to use the "F" words - and yet come across as perfectly "cultured" and "ladylike".

The syllable "Wha" is pronounced as "Fuck".

Hence, "Whakatane"- a beautiful district situated in the Eastern Bay of Plenty (New Zealand) - is pronounced as 'Fuck- a - taa -nee"

In the Maori language, "Tane" (pronounced as "taa-nee") means a "man"

So, "Whakatane" literally means.... ;) haha, go figure!

Would like to share a Whaking beautiful photo of Whakatane... :)))
Image source: http://www.whakatane.com


  1. The Maori language 'is' interesting, they can't seem to go without a whak.
    Also interesting to note that only the north Island has places that start off with a whak....I like the north Island:)

  2. I heard Whakatane means something like "To make like a man" because there is a story in the region of a lady who paddled a conoe full of people to safety, like a man. So maybe if you want to tell someone to harden up you could say "whakatane"

  3. whaking nice blog.. very funny.

  4. that story is pretty much correct, but it is translated as,
    " a man" , she said-
    “Kia Whakatāne au i ahau” “I will act like a man”
    she said that because women werent allowed to use canoe's back then.

  5. would be nice to have a place called whakawahine, sound's good doesn't it:)

  6. Wha me up...before you go go...:)