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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gengis Khan Mongolian BBQ, Auckland City

I wasn't expecting to be impressed by Asian restaurants in Auckland, but I was pleasantly surprised by the good quality shrimps at the Gengis Khan Mongolian BBQ Buffet Restaurant.

You see, buffet meals don't normally fare high on quality, unless you're prepared to spend enough to buy every single quiche available at Fat Dog Cafe. 
Otherwise, you'd be eating "dog food-quality" grub.
Woof! woof! :) Good stuff
I had my very own customised plates of stir-fried prawns and fresh vege - lots of onions, capsicums, vege, chilli sauce, chopped ginger & juicy, crunchy prawns
Served piping hot:) - you can even see the steam!
(Oh, they're so yum!!!)
The chicken, lamb, beef and mussels looked pretty good too, but the prawns were so fresh that I had two plates of them and didn't even bother to touch other types of meat
20 types of oil/sauce to choose from. Oh, isn't that lover-ly?? :)
The appetizers section look pretty good too, - good dinner rolls, garlic bread & soup... but when you're at Gengis Khan, you probably won't even bother to look at them
I like the fact that they have an open kitchen - very hygienic!
+ you get to see the ethnic Mongolian chefs in action :))
It was almost like watching a Kung Fu show! hehe
It was such an entertaining dinner that I felt like a happy kid in a circus
The ice creams were good too - not too sweet or greasy
The pancakes were - but too bad, I didn't get try them because I was way too full
The chefs will make the pancakes only when you order them
5 types of syrups to go with the pancakes
Probably taste good, but geez... do we really need that much carb? 
Try the salad instead;)
Gengis Khan is an award winning restaurant:)
3001 Great North Road
New Lynn
Tel: 09 827 0055

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  1. Auckland Mongolia BBQ is totally different from the Mongolia BBQ in Inner Mongolia. The real Mongolia BBQ just one lamb BBQ over charcoal fire and many other side dishes from other of part of the lamb. The whole BBQ lamb on the table and you eat with a small curve knife and just cut and tear with hand.There are also a few vegetables dishes etc.