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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Organic Impostor: "Simply Squeezed" berry smoothie

With a brand name like "Simply Squeezed", one would imagine that the fruit juice does not contain any additives and preservatives.
I thought that they're just...you know, 'simply squeezed' - as the name seems to suggest

"Simply Squeezed" Berry-Fruit Smoothie was my favourite berry drink... until I read the ingredients section at the back of the label - I almost had a seizure
Ugh...it contains gum, colouring and flavouring & god knows what else
Hello, can you please rename your brand?
Like,... Berry Bliss or Cherry Chick - but don't call it "Simply Squeezed" because it gives the false impression that the stuff is organic
If you use the brand "Simply Squeezed" for dairy products, I probably wouldn't be complaining. organic or nor, you'd have to squeeze the cows, anyway

That's not me!!! 
I haven't suddenly developed a fetish for "simply squeezing" cows. I just happened to have found the pic via Google Image Search when I typed "cow teats"
(Image source: http://www2.pictures.gi.zimbio.com/News+Pictures+Week+2007+February+15+005tMoKpuHyl.jpg)

Actually, my favourite berry products contain even more chemicals than "Simply Squeezed":)
but, my fav ones are mainly berry yogurt - which normally contain Acidophilus & Bifidus bacterias
I have no complaints about yogurt because I am inclined to believe that the bacterias seem to love eating food colouring
I suppose that's why my intestines haven't turned colourful yet
- Yoplait Very Berry Yogurt

- Yoplait Blueberry Creme Yogurt

- Fresh n Fruity Boysenberry and Cream 

- Meadow Fresh Mixed Berries (Best yogurt!:) Least artificial colouring) 


  1. Tis lady sure know how to drink flesh cow milk I am sure it is the best way to drink cow milk.
    MUM mouth wide open and watery when she saw the Yogurt just remind her of the yogurt she and you enjoy during the Bfast in Perth.

  2. Norbaizura Mohd NawawiJuly 13, 2009 at 3:57 AM


  3. your comments about the simply squeezed juice were damn good eh, and in the paper there was an article about that juice and how the commerce commission is fining them for misleading the public.