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Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Don't get robbed overseas"- ANZ billboard advertisement

"Don't get robbed overseas"?

ANZ, IMHO... that's a serious puffery offense

I just can't believe that I fell for your sweet billboard promises...

You probably ripped me off more than any other banks did
A fixed $5 monthly charge for an ATM card?
That's just not fair!

I dropped by at the Queen St branch today to transfer funds from the Everyday Saving (online) account to the Everyday Banking (ATM) account.
The bank teller refused to do it for me, but was happily trying to sell me some Bonus Bond deals.
(Something like LOTTO, except that you don't lose your money if you don't win any prizes)

ANZ, why do you have to make banking so complicated?

I wasn't in the mood for any Bonus Bond or LOTTO
I just wanted to transfer funds...
I can't possibly log in to my online bank account using wi-fi connection because it's not secure!

Guess what, I had to resort to lying to the bank teller that "my Internet's not working" before she reluctantly agreed to help me transfer funds - after which she told me that "this will be the only time that we'll do it for you" and then proceeded to giving me a long lecture on how I should start using Telephone Banking.
No, thanks!
I don't have time for the ... "Welcome to ANZ Bank. Press 1 for... bla bla bla... press 2 for... bla bla bla"
Sorry, ANZ... I would have to go over to KiwiBank
Bye bye!

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  1. Banks...probably the worst customer service industry with the exception of possibly the commercial airline.
    No bones about it, banks are a business and businesses want/need to make money and guess who pays? It wasn't that long ago that if you put your money in a bank EVERY service was free. Then it became maintaining a minimum balance in your checking/savings account to have free checking. Then they started having fees for using other bank ATMs. This list gets longer and longer.
    What it has really become is that we pay to have a financial institution hold our money, loan our money to others and charge them interest, then grouch and make things difficult when we want service.
    Umm, I'm sure I could think about more to say, but the baseball game is coming on.
    Peace all :)