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Sunday, August 2, 2009

World's bigggest pear & smallest apple - found in Auckland

I decided to travel in NZ because I love berries :)
Well, it's winter at the moment and berries aren't in season.
But in the same week, I've eaten the biggest pear and the smallest apple I've ever seen in my entire life :)))
The pear is so huge that you can probably use it to attack burglars that break into your house
It even looks a bit like a whale! :)
It's called the P.Barry Pear
& this is the smallest apple I've ever seen :)))
It's even smaller than a really small kiwi fruit!!
I felt like a murderer eating such a cute little thing.
The fruits were bought from Boric Orchards.
Unfortunately, I was unable to find Boric Orchard's address online.
Now, if anyone knows the contact details of Boric Orchards, I need your favour to post it here. The family-owned orchard is a great place for fruits shopping :))
Let's support them, help them earn a decent income so that we can have more unique fruits in the future :)))
Hopefully, some of these fruits will make their way to supermarkets in KL someday :))


  1. wah! that's a huge pear...throw it to the dog, the dog can die wei...hahaha.

  2. That cheese is gross, but have seen it on tv. Must be like a hundred times smellier and stronger than blue cheese maybe? You put an interesting spin on mussels, il never look at a mussel the same way again! Dont know if you know, the original ronnies cafe is in matamata. Ronnie is as mad as a meat axe. So did you go to the foodshow this weekend?

  3. I crack-up everytime I see that photo of you and that pear :))) man you're a real character.

  4. The skin of the big pear look like a women back!!! just close your eye for imagination.
    I hope some fruit importers from Malaysia will import this type of pear, smallest apple no more Kiwi fruits ( green or gold) every morning I see it at the morning market and force to eat it because it is good for Diabetes.

  5. Oh yeah I know Boric, it's on the corner of SH 16 and Coatesville-Riverhead Highway out west. Great cafe next to it called Blossoms too!

  6. oh yeah should have posted map link along with that info :)