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Monday, August 17, 2009


Deep fried lasagnas are certainly one of the most fattening food on planet Earth.
Thank God it's just as wide as my right foot!
I have to admit that the oil-soaked, calorie-paked, breadcrumbed, mayonnaise & mince-meat filled pocket from "On the Run Cafe" tasted yummy...
But human-beings, please stay away from "deep fried lasagnas"!

If you happened to accidentally eat that stuff,  follow this Chinese detox diet religiously for the next 24 hours:-
Vege & chicken soup

ok...you may also try a less rigid Kiwi detox meal... :)
Beetroot, kumara ("sweet potato"), broccoli, carrots...


  1. you have tiny feet

  2. id measure a whole packet of lasagna