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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Playing with red colour CHICKeN B@LLS ;p

Well, this blog posting is very INNOCENT apart from the title ;p hehe.
It's just a story about red colour plastic chicken balls... and why I had so much fun playing with them - chicken shit & all... (blek)
Getting your hands soaked with smelly chicken balls, chicken "dark chocs" & pungent urine first thing in the morning isn't exactly a fairy tale experience.
But it's just something that you're happy do for the cute little chicks if you fall in love with them

And...how can you not love them? :)
They're just so cute.
I just feel somewhat unhappy thinking that these chicks will have little room to move about when they grow bigger :( 
& that they have to drink poo-infused water *sob sob*
Can you see the chicken poo on those balls?
Well, I tried rubbing off the poo from the chicken balls
But after 1 hour of laborious poo cleaning, I just thought, "Whak it, I'm gonna have to give up."
The plastic balls are for the purpose of raising the water level in small plastic cups where the chicks drink from.
The plastic balls are removed after 7 days- when the chicks have slightly longer beaks

The chickens get to live only 42-45 days...
before they end up in freezers and on your dinner table :(
How miserable!
The chickens die without knowing what good sex is all about
The males & females are separated by 3-ft high wooden planks :(( so that they can't get naughty

Nah... just kidding ;p
At 45 days old, they're merely babies trapped in adult bodies...
Actually, the purpose of separating the male/female is for easing the grading process. This is because the males are a bit bigger in size


  1. glad I'm not a chicken.

  2. that is sad that they have to live like that from darrel

  3. did you know that when they used to breed geese for their meat they used to nail their feet to a plank and force feed them, aint that mean!

  4. really? gosh...how did you find out? Tegel breeds geese too?

  5. don't think it was tegel :):) was a long time ago, I think from memory that I read it in an article, either in paper or mag.

    looks like these chicks are doing ok tho, but as I said, just a short life to live and as you said :):) no sex!

  6. No free eggs :) but treated to farm-style roast chicken, Maori dish called 'puha' (tastes a bit like kangkung), etc. Will cook for you when I get back :)))

  7. my dad's got twelve chooks, always run to you, nice to have around. had to clean out the chicken coupe once a week when I was younger.smelly smelly :)

  8. My Mum's parents used to have chooks too back in the 1950s/60s - when KL was not such a modern city. Well, whenever the birds got flu, Grandma's kill all of em and the whole family would have chicken for b'fast lunch & dinner the entire week!!

  9. nice! I could eat chicken for the rest of my life, especially the way mum cooks them.

  10. I prefer seafood:) Lurve prawns :))) - and fish! Mackerels are yummy. Used to like salmon... but stoppd eating when I found that they contain a lot of chemicals & growth hormone & not environmental-friendly