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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why it's called a Cafff'e & "Salumi" Bar...

In a small little country that is famous for good cafes & wholesome food, Stark's Caff'e & Salumi Bar is probably the biggest embarrassment to the Kiwi food biz...
Stark's serves only salami or Salumi & other types of processed meat! - and pickled olives.
- Worse than fast food  ;p blek
Hundreds of unsuspecting tourists are fooled to dine at Stark's daily instead of trying the authentic local fare at cafes like Citron Vert or Ronnie's - because of Stark's unbeatable location.
It is adjacent to the Civic Theatre, on Queen Street.

Well, I wouldn't be complaining if it's not because the price of the sandwiches are the same as a good meal at Gengis Khan Mongolian BBQ Restaurant.
I also wouldn't be complaining if Stark isn't so obsessive with its use of processed meat and salty olives - that even an egg sandwich will have the "signature ingredients".
Really...if McDonald's is willing to offer some healthy choices to its patrons, why can't a 'high-end cafe' like Stark's offer simple & healthy food items like fresh chicken meat sandwich?

Well, I'm not saying that it's wrong to serve only processed meat in a cafe/restaurant.
But,.. a "Salumi"-ONLY place SHOULD NOT be occupying that good spot beside the Civic Theatre.


  1. can you show me around auckland, or take me on a date?

  2. Sound's and look's like it's a nice place to just rest your bone's after a long day of shopping, a pit stop!!. Most likely not the only one around.

  3. it is shocking how the kiwis rip off tourists, and it's not just in the tourism industry, I was studying at a training center, over-sea's students had to pay more than twice the fee's. Should be a law against that.

  4. Wouldn't be complaining if it's not because Stark's is located right beside the Civic Theatre. I feel sorry for tourists who went there thinking that it's a good kiwi cafe...