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Monday, August 3, 2009

Green colour Emu eggs? ;) I'd eat them if only they're a bit smaller...

This is the Greenest week I've ever had...
Yes, I've always supported Greenpeace & yes, I've always been a Greenie,  but sharing a lift with 3 other Green Prepaid Bags is a novelty!
Unfortunately, the bags didn't smell very Green.

They smelled like they're stuffed with rotten Emu eggs.
yes, Emu eggs have Green colour shells
Yes, NZ Emu Eggs!

"$9.99 each"
"Yes! they are real"
"Yes! you can eat them"
(No, I don't believe they're real
I think they're hand-painted
Noooo, I'm soooo not gonna eat the Whaking Green Eggs)


  1. looks like their about three times the size of a normal egg!, breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!

  2. Get the tissues ready, you might get a bit emu-tional afterwards. :)

  3. This is the first time I know there is green egg! hope it is not color green egg like our red egg for full moon baby.

  4. when I was young I made my uncle eat a goose egg, he thought it was quite a lot to eat and was struggling to finish it, he'd probably choke on one of these.

  5. Those are Moa eggs. 'Moa' is the Maori name for the NZ Emu

  6. Fikri, these are EMUngus eggs :)