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Monday, August 10, 2009

D-I-Y Heart Sh@peD PumpKiN bOwL ;pp hehe

This yummy & cute gourmet dish requires only a microwave, an oven & fresh Kiwi or Aussie ingredients - which are available anywhere in the world, except that they cost 1/2 less the price here in Auckland ;)
Choose a juicy pumpkin with a nice "heart-shaped" hole in the middle.
Put it in a microwave dish & cook for 20 mins.
Scoop out the seeds
(You may keep the seeds aside for boiling broth cuz pumpkin seeds are rich in minerals :) and they're good for preventing prostate cancer & Erectile Dysfunction... Not that I have to worry about ever having ED. Being a girl is as easy as being a pumpkin. You probably just need a nice heart-shaped... Oh, I'm sorry. That's a bit too rude aye? ;p)

I digressed...
Anyway, put bits of chicken meat or whatever else you wish to have inside the pumpkin hole

Top it up with a generous amount of good Kiwi or Aussie cheddar cheese :)))

I'd recommend Bega Strong & Bitey Vintage & Bega Light - for the health conscious.
This is to reduce the amount of fat & yet retain the wonderful fresh cheddar cheese flavour.

You're most welcome to use the normal cheddar blocks if you wish and be assured that the recipe won't go wrong
Guess wot, these cost NZD$1.99 at Foodtown :)) *grin*
In Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, Bega is almost like a luxury item - probably about NZD$5-6 for the same size
You can choose to put it in the fridge to be baked later...
Or you can bake it rightaway :)
- for about 15-20 mins on 200-250 deg. Celcius, depending on how "brown" you want the cheese to be.
I love mine slightly browned :), just like the the Strawberry-Pumpkin-Potato-Tomato-Onion-Broccoli-Beetroot Quiche

You can't possibly go wrong with this dish!!!
It's wayyy tooo eassyy

But if it does, go wrong, don't get disheartened ;)
 ...shit happens aye
The "shit happens aye" T-shirt is available at Supre on Queen Street, Auckland City.
Grab a piece before they're all gone!!! :)


  1. Your MUM going to cook more pumpkin dishes for me as they are good for controlling blood sugar level of Diabetes.

  2. Morena (Good morning) Charmaine.. Bit early for soup..;-) just getting diary sorted lol..Enjoy your Monday..