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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Economic Rationale of "Women's Bread"

Yes, Burgen's Soy-Lin bread's probably one of the yummiest and healthiest Kiwi bread that I have ever tried...
I love it!
But then again, if I'm a bloke, I guess I'd much rather be caught forgetting my zipper... than be seen eating "women's bread".
"For Women's Wellbeing"... sounds like a tagline for some PMS health supplements 
So, what's the economic rationale for marketing bread to "women" only?
Burgen Soy-Lin, I love every single thing about you
- the way you smell, the way you taste...
the way you look at me...;p

Well, I'm really hoping that Soy-Lin will remain on the supermarket shelves in NZ for as long as possible.
But for that to happen, the marketers would need to think of a more "inviting" tagline compared to "For Women's Wellbeing", like...
(err, I dunno) ... "Any gender can eat me" ;p

ok, what else?

"For Papa, Mama & baby"
"For your family's wellbeing"

You see, Soy-Lin's ingredients are pretty "normal" - flax seed, soy, sesame, & other nutritious but common high-fibre grains.

It's not like there are some "dong gwai" or sea cucumbers in it... So, the marketers really shouldn't claim the bread does miracle for women


  1. ;-).. good to see you still getting into the nitty but not grittyness? of Kiwi Kai Charmaine lol..

  2. Soy Lin's bread should engage you as their bread tasting specialist and marketing consultant.