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Friday, August 21, 2009

Chilli & Ginger flavoured DArK ChoCx ;p (The King & Queen of Aphrodisiacs?)

I thought my Mum was being excessive with her use of Chinese traditional herbal aphrodisiacs like sea cucumbers and 'dong gwai'.
But none of her secret family recipes can compare to this combination of 3 powerful ingredients:-

These are surprisingly yummy :))
I prefer the ginger flavoured ones :))


  1. chilli???in chocolate?and ginger!, that one must have quite a kick.

  2. Chilli& Ginger when added in chocolate is still very sweet lah so it is not hot all.

  3. must try some one day.

  4. getting high on herseys kisses at the moment.

  5. Yep, love that chilli chocolate! Not nearly as bad as people might think.