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Monday, October 27, 2008

The battle between the Geeks and the Pros

 While browsing through the internet for computer services, I came across a company known as Call The Geeks...
and its disdainful rival... the Computer Repair Pros that has the tagline "Why Call a GEEK when you can have  PRO!"
 Just kidding ;)
Actually, both companies provide totally different services. Call the Geeks is a support service provider while Computer Repair Pros is a Wisconsin-based computer repair shop, located nearby beautiful Lake Monona.
Lake Monona is a freshwater drainage lake in Dane County, Wisconsin surrounded on three sides by the city of Madison, Wisconsin and on the south side by the city of Monona, Wisconsin. It is the second-largest of a chain of four lakes along the Yahara River (also including Mendota, Kegonsa, and Waubesa) in the area and forms the south shore of the isthmus that forms downtown Madison. The name 'Monona' is a Chippewa word believed to mean 'beautiful', although the lake was originally named by the Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) 'Tchee-ho-bo-kee-xa-te-la' or 'Teepee Lake'.
(Source: Wikipedia)


  1. Actually, Call the Geeks (http://www.callthegeeks.com) is part, if not a subsidiary, of Geeks On Call (http://www.geeksoncall.com) aka 1 800 905 GEEK (http://www.1800905geek.com). They are a set of locally owned franchises that provide work for your small business, at-home business or home computer system. What I like about these guys is that they require third-party certification before they are allowed to work on your systems (unlike the big box stores where certifications are not required). I have always thought that if you were good enough, that you wouldn't have to take "cheap shots" at your competition. Their tag line "Why call a GEEK when you can call a Pro!" just seems like a shot, that's all I am saying. It's not like this is a Presidential Campaign (but that's another story).