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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working Holiday Scheme (New Zealand)

Hey peeps :) :)
Sorry for the long delayed blog posting about the NZ Working Holiday Scheme (for those who are interested). Just been swamped with work and AutoCAD classes over the past few months... I really enjoyed my time in NZ and for those of you who would like to experience working abroad...I'd recommend it :)
Application is instant (online)

After the visa approval, you can start planning your trip to NZ :)
some of the sites that I found helpful were:-

1) http://www.trademe.co.nz/
yes, this is a very useful site for finding almost anything you'd need as a new traveler to NZ - from accommodation, household items, jobs, etc

2) http://auckland.gumtree.co.nz/

similar to TradeMe...
except that ad postings are free :)

The ideal travel time will be in Jan (when the weather is slightly warmer) - more opportunities to experience farm work.

So, back in 2009 I quit a rather promising job to experience life in a remote part of the world (after much deliberation) and enjoyed every single moment of it :)

Being the ambitious type (career-wise), it was a tough decision - did I want to be a high-achiever, be a Public Relations Director by the age of 30, or did I want to experience working/living in a new place while I was still young? I chose the latter...

6 months went by very quickly...
There is, however, a down side to the NZ working holiday visa - you are only allowed to work up to 3 months with any company (yes, you need a new job every 3 months).
Then of course, it is also exciting to experience working in different organisations.
I would recommend signing up with recruitment agencies as a Temp staff :)
- this will give you the opportunity to assist in various projects for their clients (usually in the areas of Marketing, Customer Service, Data Entry)

Here is a list of recruitment agencies in Auckland:-
1) http://www.kellyservices.co.nz/
2) http://www.alphajobs.co.nz
3) http://www.quinnstaff.co.nz
4) http://www.adecco.co.nz
5) http://www.frogrecruitment.co.nz/

For those who are interested in work in the hospitality sector, check out

Fast forward 3 years - where I am now, working & traveling in the US. For those who are interested in exploring this part of the world, you may consider applying for the H1-B Visa (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H-1B_visa)


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