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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ein abenteuer im Frankfurt mit NYC Foodie

Ever since I watched the funny prank interviews in the "Frunkyzeit mit Bruno" and Ali G videos by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, been wanting to learn German

...but didn't feel like learning via Rosetta Stone. I've seen the French version and didn't want to learn lines like "Das is an apfel"..."that is an apple, that is a girl, the girl is eating an apple, that is a boy, the boy is drinking water, yadda yadda". Been having the French Rosetta Stone thingy for 4 years, but can't say a proper sentence in French...

Noticed that people tend to pick up a language more quickly if they are forced to learn it...and hence, this - a map, all in Deutsch

Hence, Ein abenteuer im Frankfurt (an adventure in Frankfurt) 
 What's for lunch/dinner?
   Well, there's American Chinese food, but with words that I can't understand except for "Peking Suppe". Voila! finally learnt 1 word - suppe=soup

Peking "suppe"

Thank goodness, McD's menu is easier to understand. "Garten Salat". Learnt also that some German words are similar to English words except that the "d"s are replaced with "t"s, and "t"s are replaced with "s"s and "d"s, occasionally. Das ist fairly easy!

Schokoladengeschäft (Schokolade= chocolate geschäft = shop)

Schokoladengeschäft. Just when I thought that German could be easier to learn compared to French, I was faced with another obstacle, alotofGermanwordsareacombinationofafewwords.HowwouldIknowwhentocorrectlycombinethewords?

Food fair near Hauptbanhoff station (just 3 stops from the airport's "Flughafen station" on the S8 line)

Food fair

cakes = kuchen. This stall at the food fair sells extremely unique cheesecakes, like poppy seed cheesecakes

"Doppel"-cheeseburger = double cheeseburger? Angebot? Was is das (what is that)? *uh oh...help:/*

Dieses ist der Westhafen Tower (This is the Westhafen Tower, which overlooks the Main river)
— at Westhafen Tower.

Guten Morgen aus Westhafen Tower! (Good morning from..) Hope you enjoy learning German as much as I do

Warum ich Frankfurt liebe (why I Frankfurt)? Besides the food...

...I like that you can travel from the airport to most places with just a 24.70 Euro unlimited ride train card per week! In most other places, 1 trip from the airport to the city is already more than $25.

Wochenkarte - weekly card

5090 = zone 50 (city) & 90 (airport)

Let's learn a new word: grün/grüne = green.
Dieses ist Grüneburg Park (this is Grüneburg Park)

Grüneburg Park
One of the train stations close to the park is the Westend station on the U line

Schnitzel mit grüner Soße und kartoffel = schnitzel with green sauce & potatoes
— at Cafe Hauptwache.

Originally planned to try the "grüne soße" at Leibe & Seele, but this beautiful view of Cafe Hauptwache made me change my mind

"Frankfurter Schnitzel Wiener Art" is not "Wiener Art Frankfurt Schnitzel" like I originally thought... Glad that they have the English version of the menu...
— at Cafe Hauptwache.

"Wiener Art" actually means "Viennese Style"

Other delicious-sounding items on the menu - Tarte Flambée (but it's a French dish so I'll pass on that until I tired of German food)

The MesseTurm (English: Trade Fair Tower) is a 63-storey, 257 m (843 ft) skyscraper in the Westend-Süd district of Frankfurt...

(the lamp post may look taller here, but...) The MesseTurm is actually the second tallest building in Frankfurt, the second tallest building in Germany and the tenth tallest building in the European Union.

View from MesseTurm

Currywurst - overrated...not worth it. It's the worst 'worst' I've ever had. It's just a tiny sausage with ketchup and a sprinkle of raw curry powder. For the kind of rave reviews that currywursts get, I'd expect at least some decent homemade sauce
— at Zeil - Frankfurt am Main.


At Römer.

An old building/restaurant near Romer — at Haus Wertheym.

Too many schnitzels over the past few days...
Craved for seafood. Found good fish potato salad at this place near Zeil

kartoffelsalat - potato salad
— at Brauns Fischrestaurant.

Learn more German words:) On the train... "viele gute freunde"= very good feeling

:/:? which part of the word "frei" sounds like "bike"?

Saw this on the way to Palmengarten

Currywurst truck - avoid at all cost! ...even after you've tried all of the local food, go for another round of schnitzels


  1. Did they have funny 'Mc' local foods at McDonalds in Germany? Like a McSchnitzel or McCurrywurst? I don't remember it from my trip to Germany. But I remember laughing hysterically when I went to a McDonalds in Israel because the menu features your standard McD favorites(burgers and fries), but unique to the McD in Israel were 2 funny items - the McSchawarma and the McKebab w/ Tahini! I didn't order one and regretfully didn't take a pic of the menu board for funny stories afterward :(

  2. Good post, NYC Foodie! Brings back some fond memories of my 1st trip to Germany. Some more interesting local 'Mc' options found here...http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_availability_of_McDonald's_products