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Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to stop receiving unsolicited Nylon magazines (contact Strategic Media LLC)

Received an unsolicited copy of Nylon magazine. Called Nylon magazine's customer service number to stop subscription: 866.639.8133
Customer service rep told me that they got my details from a 3rd party and that I have to contact the 3rd party (Strategic Media LLC) at 877.266.6555 or email them at service@magazineordercenter.com to be removed from the mailing list
Called 10 times. Nobody answered phone calls.
Checked www.magazineordercenter.com 's website.
Website looks dodgy. No contact number listed.
Found that it's owned by Strategic Media LLC
Filled up the contact form to be removed from mailing list.

Wrote this:
Please remove me from the Nylon mailing list. I called Nylon, they say to contact Strategic Media LLC to take my name off the mailing list.
My details : NYN0006650790

Hope they remove me from the mailing list. Otherwise, more work and more emails to be sent:-

Partnership Opportunities: partnerships@strategicmediallc.com
Magazine and Newspaper Publishers: contact@strategicmediallc.com
Lead Generation Marketers: contact@strategicmediallc.com
Media Inquiries: pr@strategicmediallc.com



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