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Monday, October 26, 2009

Metal shavings found in children's vitamins

(Source: NZPA)

Healtheries is recalling a batch of children's vitamins after metal shavings were found in a tablet.

Healtheries KidsCare Immuno-Plus from batch number 25323 with an expiry date of May 2012 should not be used.

Healtheries' parent company Vitaco Health said it had sought Ministry of Health advice which confirmed there was a low risk of harm if the tablets were swallowed.

Healtheries spokeswoman Ondine Waddle said customers should return the product to the retailer for a refund.


  1. I'm not surprised, I found a staple in my sushi on Friday!! Wondered what was crunching...

  2. Hmmm, Shavings in children's vitamins, staples in Sushi, whats next, cut into a vienna loaf and find an M12 bolt ?

  3. Omg... staple in sushi?? I once found staples in a packet of 'muruku' (indian snacks) and I thought that was serious. But it really was a lot less dangerous compared to staples+sushi