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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Malaysian Organ Donor Card :)

I'm lucky to have very liberal parents.
I signed up as an organ donor back in 2006, and I still carry the Malaysian Organ Donor Card with me wherever I go.
Organ donation is against my parents' religious practices, but they didn't stop me from wanting to be an organ donor.
Of course, I wouldn't dream of donating parts of my kidney as long as I'm alive :p
I'm not that selfless...
but when I'm gone from this planet, I'd like the idea of being able to have my body parts reused to save other people's lives - eyeballs, teeth, heart, lungs, intestines ;p anything - rather than letting them go to waste

That's a very radical thing for a Chinese to do.
Chinese culture believe in burying or cremating bodies of dead people.
When it's my turn to leave this planet some day, I wouldn't want a funeral.
I'm supposed to want a funeral, shouldn't I?
After all, people that I know of who passed away - relatives, neighbours, etc - all of them had funerals.

When I was in school, I used to be more religious (I think ;p). For instance, I'd burn incense during exam period because Mum told me that I'd get better grades;p ;p lol

I stopped doing it when I was 14 and an avid reader of the Environment column in The Star newspaper - I came across an article about how incense-burning cause pollution & cancer.


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  2. We all come into this world from.... So it is good when time to leave this world we leave behind us useful parts that will be useful for others to carry on living..

  3. Hi, can i know where do you apply for this donor card?:)