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Monday, June 14, 2010

Fake "breakfast seafood" in Manhattan :p

For weeks, I had been dying to try the breakfast 'lobsters' served only at one Japanese-owned cafe that I pass by quite often in midtown Manhattan.
When I finally tried the "lobsters", I realised that they're actually 'lobster cakes' : MSG-laden flour + artificial colouring & loads of other chemicals
They look like real lobsters, don't they?
But that fake stuff taste disgusting. They should be banned (at least, from the breakfast menu)!
Silly me, I was craving so much for seafood that I bought 3 of the fake lobs
Other food items at the Old Bridge Gourmet Deli are probably okay
The ambiance is good
Free water for diners
But at the moment I'm still very traumatized by the "fake seafood experience", I don't thimk I'm likely to revisit that deli anytime soon

Thanks, Old Bridge
From now on I'll stick to bagels & eggs for breakfast
I miss New Zealand yogurt ;p
NZ's got the best yogurt in the whole world


  1. Aayoyo my dear Charmaine how can you an expert in cooking healthy meals for me this time can be fool by fake lobster! maybe U miss the real seafood in NZ n AUS! come home we will go for seafood meals with Mum.

  2. Looks pretty dodgey. Fake foods certainly have no proper place in food business. They oughta get locked up over there.