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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blueberry bagel with "egg" & "cheese"???

The cook gave me a "surprised" look when I asked for a blueberry bagel with egg & cheese.
Okay, I admit that it's unusual... :)
but it's much healthier compared to a blueberry bagel with icing sugar/jam,
plus - I can tolerate that unusual combination.

Of course, an occasional sugary bagel doesn't hurt at all - but you'll feel lethargic if u have just carbs for breakfast.
There's so much to see & do on a fine morning in NY, so I didn't want to ruin my energy level

I've tried all the savoury bagels - sesame, poppy seed, flaxseed, onions/garlic
I just haven't sampled all the sweet variety
I badly wanted to try the blueberry bagel
but I didn't wanna mess up with my breakfast by having it with icing sugar.

This is supposed to be an onion bagel, but it doesn't have a hole in the middle like all other bagels do
A black bagel called "pumpernickel" - my favourite
Bagel with pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, poppy seed
I had it with chicken (yum)

Sesame seed bagel with cream cheese. I love cream cheese:)
Delis/bagel shops usually have 3 variety of cream cheese
- scallion cream cheese
- vegetable cream cheese
- LOX cream cheese (cream cheese mixed with smoked salmon)
In Manhattan, you can go to a deli anytime & there'll be fresh bagels waiting for you
This is a pumpernickel with scallion cheese

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