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Friday, May 14, 2010

The "Genius" who painted an oil fin heater...

The oil fin heater painting is a meticulous piece of artwork!
But I have a hard time trying to appreciate the ingenuity of the painter.
There are probably at least 5 layers on paint on the heater
but there's not a single drop of paint on the floor
How...oh how did thou manage to do this?
Thou's magic touch paralyseth the heater :(((
it's not an easy task painting the heater without making a mess on the floor
but the Genius who painted the heater didn't know that you're not supposed to paint a heater
because if you do, it won't work anymore!
so...now I have this giant heater in my room that I can't get rid off
thanks to the Genius


  1. You're in NY and you didn't think to tell me? -M