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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My new room on the upper west side :)

Pros - It's spacious :) - more than twice the size of two double beds (I miss having a gal pal around, so if any of you wanna have a holiday in NY between now & July, lemme know),
- less than 20 metres from a subway station & Gristedes supermarket
- free wi-fi
- no bed bugs/fleas, no old stinky carpets...but I was still inclined to be prepared before I moved in.

I couldn't find any flea bombs but I found Swiffer (it gets rids of dust mites).
- not fully furnished...but at least you get a bed & a cabinet.

Okay...I know it's messy;p but I took this pic on the day I moved in. It's a lot tidier now.
Cons - no washing machines...
& there's only one washroom...;p


  1. Mum say the bed sheets is the one she give you advise U to keep the tidy n clean otherwise will attract fleas.

  2. actually tidy...keep up your blog.