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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Funny & "special" signboards at Beijing airport

The mainland Chinese are conservative in many ways...
You'll hardly catch them wearing a low cut top, but they're surprisingly open-minded when it somes to using toilets.
For many decades, they are used to toilets without doors.
& then there are also the toilets with dysfunctional doors-
like, a transparent door made of glass pane (what purpose does it serve, lol;p?)
1 -inch high doors
& if you come across toilets with fully functional doors, you'll find that people don't bother to use them
yet, they get all upset & glare at you if you accidentally enter the toilet while they're inside

Found at the airport
When the new Beijing Airport was built, they get new toilets with fully functional doors
but people are just so used to not locking toilet doors
& they need to be reminded

"Special" disinfection
"Special"- purpose Toolbox for Toilet

What else is "special"? ;p

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  1. They are not use to using toilet wth door most likely people who do not have door toilet or frequently use public toilet without door. tourist advise by me to carry an umbrella whenever they go to toilet and open it to cover up.