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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Free wi-fi @ JFK Airport, NY :)

The free wi-fi's only for 20 minutes...but still, it's free :)
The JFK Airport departure terminal is really quite nice
Lotss of restaurants...
Pleasant deco... (I like the poster of the fish :) )
Souvenir shops with the signature "I heart NY" t-shirts
A "caviar bar"
It's my first time seeing a caviar bar & it amazes me how a business model that's based entirely on serving caviar & wine survives (especially at an airport terminal)!
that place is so darn expensive
wouldn't people rather have a really nice meal at Haru's, Buddakan, or Maialino?
or purchase something with more "volume" -like, a nice tailor-made suit?
okay,..maybe those people were just sitting there having drinks & not eating caviar
well, then shouldn't "caviar bars" offer more food items on their menu?

I have a hard time understanding the rationale behind "caviar bars"
I know it's meant to be classy, sophisticated, etc etc
but eating caviar at a fine-dining restaurant is different!
you'll probably have caviar & then followed by entree
so, you needn't worry about having bits of black eggs sticking in between your teeth
I guess you're at a "caviar bar" with your family, then it really doesn't matter even if you coloured your tongue black
that caviar bar is no "family dining place"
no no no

oh...well, I digressed :p
what else is in JFK?
- CNN Newsstand


  1. I'm not sure that an airport has the best ambiance for eating caviar...

  2. buffalo wild wing...makes men durable KS