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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Chicken Limited" & "chicken oyster"???

The first time I came across "Chicken Limited" on a menu, I thought it's a pretty good name for a company - Chicken Ltd, chicken.com...

So, what do you get when you order “chicken limited”? – soft knee bones, neck, “chicken oysters” or “sot’ly laisse” ( :) haha, it’s kinda funny to see some French words suddenly appearing on a Japanese menu, amidst all the "kotsu"s and "hatsu"s)

What are "chicken oysters"? See pic below

(Source: Wikipedia)
Chicken oysters are two small, round pieces of dark meat on the back of poultry near the thigh, in the hollow on the dorsal side of the ilium bone. Some regard the "oyster meat" to be the most flavorful and tender part of the bird, while others dislike the taste and texture.
Compared to dark meat found in other parts of the bird, the oyster meat has a somewhat firm/taut texture which gives it a distinct mouth feel.

In French, this part of the bird is called "sot-l'y-laisse" which translates, roughly, to "the fool leaves it there",as unskilled carvers sometimes accidentally leave it on the skeleton.

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